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R-27 NW Hunter Canoe Gun

Here’s a gun specifically designed for the hunter.

For those of you who long to relive the allure of primitive hunting as our ancestors did, we offer this special kit. You wont need to worry about beating this one up!

Its design is an exercise in functional simplicity. It is historically correct and represents a proven concept that lasted several hundred years and was used throughout North America. It is not fancy, but it has been customized in many ways to suit the personality and needs of its users. Light in weight and easy to use.

Secondly it is a reasonably large 20 ga. smooth bore, so it can be used for both large and small game. The barrel wall is thick enough to handle heavier hunting loads for patched Round Ball, Buck & Ball, or Shot & Wad, it can literally be used on anything that runs, climbs or flies. And it’s a flint lock because they’re more fun

With its short 24” oct/rnd barrel, overall weight is reduced to approximately 8.6 lbs. and a great point of balance and ease of handling. The large trigger guard even works for gloved hands and it’s a short pull for use with heavier clothes.

  • Here’s the specs:
  • CM-1 plain maple stock inlet for oct/rnd barrel, lock, tang, trigger
  • 24’ x 1” oct/rnd 20 ga. barrel
  • L&R Queen Anne flintlock
  • L&R plated log trigger
  • All steel trim w/ serpent side plate, butt plate w/,
  • Square head nails, trigger guard & corrugated thimbles
  • All the parts needed to complete this build
  • Boxed and ready to ship NOW!

$799 with FREE SHIPPING!