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RF-27-54 NW Trade Canoe Gun

I suppose if your business is named SITTING FOX you better have some Northwest Trade guns on hand. Here’s one all boxed and ready to ship just waiting for you. It’s one of our easiest kits to build and you really can’t screw it up. These guns are very versatile and cover over 300 years of history, so they are always period correct. They are a great blank slate for individuality.

They were made to a basic pattern by the fur companies and built by over 100 companies throughout Europe and traded throughout the Americas and Canada.

This R-27-54 kit is a typical example of this type of weapon shortened to fill the needs of trappers, voyageurs and Native American pony riders.

The stock is shaped in CM-1 maple and inlet for an octagon to round 24” smooth bore barrel in 54 cal smooth. The barrel has been breached and indexed.

The stock is fully shaped and inlet for lock, tang, and plated trigger. 

The lock is the L&R Queen Anne English fowler flint lock. It’s made here in the USA fully guaranteed, and parts are readily available.  

Trim is a standard mix of NW Trade gun steel trigger guard and cut sheet brass butt plate, and corrugated brass ram rod thimbles and a cast brass serpent side plate

R-27-54 Northwest Trade Gun Canoe Gun kit

 Everything you need to complete this project is here. All you’ll need is a little time, stain or paint, and some bluing, and maybe tacks.

  • CM-1 maple stock inlet for barrel, lock, tang, trigger
  • 24” x 7/8” oct/rnd 54 cal smooth barrel breeched
  • L&R Queen Anne English fowler flintlock
  • L&R long NW Trade Gun Trigger
  • Brass serpent side plate, square head nails, corrugated brass thimbles
  • Steel large bowed trigger guard

We’re glad to be able to offer this Kit R-27-54 all boxed and ready to ship to you!

$799 with FREE shipping NOW!