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R-Y11 “Yengeese” Canoe Gun

“Yengeese” is the Huron word for English.

Before the North West Trade gun there was an earlier version offered in trade. Competition along the frontier was fierce among the French and English both trying to win the hearts and minds as well as the trade business of the natives. It became very apparent that the Indians much preferred the French Fusil De Chase over the English trade guns of the time. The English answer was to produce a trade gun that would mimic the same features as the Tulle but be easy to produce. The result is the early English Trade Gun.

It used the same distinctive humped comb shape but adds a few interesting English touches. It incorporated the serpent side plate that was favored by the Indians as well as the ribbed ram rod pipes and a round faced English lock.

The hand cut sheet brass butt plate was nailed in place since screws were hard to make and this was, after all, a trade gun. The trigger guard was forged iron and held in place by a bolt from beneath just ahead of the trigger guard bow. The barrel was an octagon to round tapered smoothbore in 20 to 24 gauge 36″ to 42″or shortened to 24” as a canoe gun, favored by the Voyageurs and trappers.  The result was a very light and agile fusil that looked great and shot well.

  Here are the specs:

  • CM-1 Maple stock inlet for oct/rnd barrel, lock, tang, trigger
  • 1” x 24” oct/rnd 20 ga. barrel, breeched and indexed
  • L&R Queen Anne English fowler flint lock
  • Brass serpent side plate
  • Corrugated brass thimbles
  • Long, plated trigger
  • Bowed steel trigger guard
  • Cut plate brass butt plate and square head nails
  • All parts necessary to complete this build as shown
  • Boxed and ready to ship NOW!

$799 with FREE SHIPPING!